24 jan 2018. - Katie Schwend


Good Morning from Beautiful Montana!

Blogging has never been something that I really thought about, but recently I realized it would be a great way to connect with people from all over the world and from all walks of life! What I want to do is give you a glimpse into what it is like to live and sell rural property in the great State of Montana. I want to make this blog fun and informative, but mostly I just want you to know why Montana is one of the greatest places on Earth to live. If you can’t tell, I LOVE Montana.

Let me introduce myself and my family…

This is me, my husband Bruce, and our 3 kiddos Paizlee, Colt and Preslee. Bruce works in Capital Construction at the local hard rock mine, which frees him up to be my real estate “assistant” on some of his days off. (He will laugh when he reads this, I promise.) When he isn’t working or helping me, he enjoys team roping, hunting, and building. We have been involved in a perpetual remodel project of our rural property for the past 5 years. We recently celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and still seem to like each other! Both of us grew up in ranching families, Bruce in Oregon and I grew up on a cattle ranch just outside of Red Lodge, MT. We share the same passion for the western way of life and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Colt is our oldest at 7. He enjoys hunting, riding horses, and sports. He is currently in his first year of wrestling. He loves to youth rodeo and his most favorite past time is irritating his sisters!

We were very surprised when we learned I was pregnant with twins when Colt was only 4 months old. I had worked many years as a Vet Tech and saw countless ultrasound images from pregnant mares. During my initial ultrasound, I looked up and saw 2 (TWO!!) black sacks and said “Is that TWINS??” Of course, the ultrasound tech couldn’t tell me yay or nay, but I knew from that day forward life was going to get interesting. Today our girls are sassy, sweet, 6 year old kindergarteners. Like their brother, they enjoy riding horses and sports. They will start their first year of basketball on Saturday.

“When cowboys go bowling in Montana”…(Courtesy of my friend Lessie)

My blog will feature Rural Montana Properties I have for sale, Montana Rural Real Estate Market Updates, Recipes from the Ranch, Motivational Stories from Montana Farming and Ranching Families, Interesting Places to Visit in Montana, stories of my family’s experiences Living and Selling the Western Way of Life and more!!

Come back tomorrow for a Recipe from the Ranch!

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